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Apr 22, 2015

How You Can Save the World is a podcast about the simple steps anyone can take to help to save the environment.

In our first episode, we begin by looking at energy in the home, comparing the benefits to the environment and your wallet when you replace your lightbulbs with LEDs.

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All the information from this episode:

Greenhouse Gas Calculator
Determine your energy savings

Look at your energy bill, determine your cost per kilowatt hour (kwh).  Mine is 11 cents.

Go to Micheal Bluejay, and plug in your energy usage cost, per one  bulb, per hours burned, to his calculator.  That will give you, the cost to operate one bulb per month.  Then multiply that by 12 (a year) and multiply that by how many bulbs you use in your house.  

Micheal Blue Jay
Additional energy saving calculators

Where to buy bulbs
Light Bulbs Unlimited (interviewed in podcast)
Home Depot

California Public Utilities Commission
Find out where you can recycle your bulbs

Environmental Defense Fund 

DIY sites to make solar lanterns
This Old House (mason jar solar lanterns)
Put it in a Jar
Free People

Products Reviewed
SunJar (Suck.UK)
Water Battery Powered Clock (Bedol Water Clock)