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Jun 15, 2016

Episode #13

Cotton is more than what you wear. This huge crop and the pesticides sprayed on it are also in what you eat and drink. We look at sustainable clothing and how your wardrobe can save the world. Includes an interview with Rebecca Burgess from Fibershed.


Information on Fibershed

Apr 29, 2016

From farm to table, how does the food you eat impact the environment?  We look what it really means to buy organic and the best ways (if at all) to consume meat.



Food Information

Apr 2, 2016

From windows to appliances to baking bread, we look at all the ways you can save the world from your apartment.  Includes interviews with Diana Livshits (Krumpers Solar Blinds) and Erik Knutzen (Root Simple).




Feb 26, 2016

Pesticides and habit changes are killing honeybees.  What can we do to rescue these vital pollinators?  We talk honey, hives, gardening, and "the birds and the bees" in this month's episode.  Interviews with Jessica Lamden and Kirk Anderson.


Helpful bee information

Jan 31, 2016

From gardening to canning to keeping chickens, we look at the ways of urban homesteaders and how this method of sustainable living keeps you healthy while reducing your carbon footprint.  Includes an interview with Erica Strauss, author of The Hands-On Home: A Seasonal Guide to Cooking, Preserving &...