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May 12, 2017

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In this episode I talk to Clarissa Boyajian and Linda Eremita of TreePeople all about their organization and about trees! Tons of info on why you should plant a tree in the age of Trump ESPECIALLY. How planting a tree is the single best thing you can do right away to help stop global warming as well as to add more oxygen to the atmosphere. Breathing is good, right?

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  • Tree Planting Humans who have made a difference. * Hubnath Pandrey * Felix Finkbeiner (?) * Andy Lipkis
  • Interview with Clarissa Boyajian and Linda Eremita of TreePeople
  • The science behind why a tree is so wonderful.
  • How to plant your own tree.

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Inspiring Humans Who Are Planting Gazillions of Trees!

References To the Science behind the statements!! TRUE FACTS!!

Info about how YOU yes YOU can actually plant your tree today!!!

Help us all save the world!

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