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Jun 14, 2017

Episode 19

        Fear and Loathing in America

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What’s this one all about?

This episode looks at the link between the life and death struggle our planet is engaged in, and the ambient fear we are all reacting to. Can animal and vegetable alarm pheromones trigger fear in humanoids? Additionally what about the unprecedented high levels of CO2 we are all suddenly trying to live with? If high concentrations of CO2 make mice frightened, what on earth is it doing to us? I explore the science behind the possibilty that our heightened fear responses may be triggering a vengeful return to tribalism that threatens both our common sense as well as our survival as a species. Take a xanax, or a belt of bourbon, and tune in!!!!

Show topics 

  • Human fear pheromones, they exist!!
  • How does a pheromone work, for crying out loud? (its an invisible sensory telegram exuded in sweat, urine, or even tears–sent by one organism to another.)
  • After message is received, how do humans behave when afraid?
  • Taking refuge in tribalism—the first step towards the undoing of civil society.
  • How do we refrain from being frightened, and act from our reason, not our amygdala?

Links mentioned on the show!!!

Guys, please, please, please, click on some of these links! The scientists and political scientists, and researchers and writers I site are wayyyyyy smarter then I am! You will learn SO much if you just take a moment to click on a few of the links. Their research is incredible.

           Invisibilia Episode "Disappearing Fear"

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