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An Egloo for you, and you and YOU!! Hey--Egloo's all around!

Mar 27, 2017

Here it is!! Isn’t it darling?


     As promised, here is a photo of my very own Egloo. As I mentioned in the episode, I love it. We have 2 for our kitchen/family room. They are 7 inches in diameter, and 4 inches tall. All you need to raise the ambient temperature of the room by 3 degrees is 3 tea lights.


Mar 19, 2017




Yes Virginia, Global Warming is real, and our planet IS heating up! Yet…wintertime and chilly days still abound. How then do you stay warm, without cooking the rest of the earth?

 This episode is ALL about the DIY tips and the science behind staying warm without burning fossil fuel to do so. This episode is not...