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Trees!!! The tale of my Western Redbud

May 12, 2017

Hi everyone.


Well.  Here is a photo of my Western Redbud in bloom.


It is a tiny tree, to be sure, but t'is mine.  And I planted it, as per the instructions from TreePeople back in October.   And the photo was taken in April.  Now its a nice little leafy tree!  

And here is a photo of the TreeGator that I came across on a recently planted street tree in Santa Monica.  


And there is a photo of the instructions for how to use it!

Now I know that Linda at TreePeople expressed reservations about using the TreeGator, and they made a ton of sense.  But, if you are planting your treelet in a difficult to access place, or if water source is far away, this is a good option.

Otherwise, follow her instructions. A nice 20 minute soak from a slow slow hose is the easiest way to water your tree.  Or...failing that, 3 buckets full of water you slowly pour into the well you left around the trunk is a low cost, easy to do option.  Just hard if you planted your tree on a slope as I did.

AND if that isn't enough tree info, here is a photo I took on a walk the other day.  A wild tree growing on a hillside above the Pacific. 

I take photo's of trees on every walk I take.  I just think they are so remarkably beautiful.  And....I think of them as benevolent dinosaurs.  Creatures leftover from another age.  But...these ancient guardians are here to protect life on earth.  The least we can do is to plant new ones, and treasure the ones in our care.