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WHOOPS -- I forgot to include this link...

Apr 7, 2017


The Cracked Podcast


This is the bomb...they discuss the endless ongoing 'outrage machine'--that is making us all crazier then we really need to be.  

From the episode's show notes:

"It's become your daily morning ritual.  Wake up.  Open Twitter.  And here comes your fix.  It's something like, "Trump Surrogate Says Jews in the Holocaust Didn't Have It So Bad?" and you're off to the races.  How could he!? Do they know how insensitive that is? And so on, and so forth until tomorrow, when it's something else.  It's the rage machine and it exists on both sides......"


Also if you have a news addiction, like I do (maybe, according to the Cracked episode it's more of an adrenaline/dopamine addiction to outrage) consider reading the book "The Craving Mind, from cigarettes to smart phones to love--why we get hooked and how we can break bad habits" by Judson Brewer.   Full disclosure, I found out about this book from a tweet by Micheal Pollan and yes...I wouldn't have found that tweet if I wasn't glued to twitter.  But...this book is really incredible.  You can look at it here!  Reading this book, more than any other thing you can do, will lessen your stress level vis a vis politics, the news and life here on earth.