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Mar 19, 2017




Yes Virginia, Global Warming is real, and our planet IS heating up! Yet…wintertime and chilly days still abound. How then do you stay warm, without cooking the rest of the earth?

 This episode is ALL about the DIY tips and the science behind staying warm without burning fossil fuel to do so. This episode is not about suffering in a chilly home for the sake of the common good! Its about as cozy as a cup of hot chocolate with a marshmallow on top! All about the warmth!

Episode 15 warm and toasty recap!

  • What actually happened to our communal home climate-wise this past winter?
  • How to understand the enviromental cost in the different ways you can  heat your home.
  • Quick and dirty tips for lowering your heating bill AS WELL your CO2 emissions.
  • What else you can burn in your fireplace to stay warm? (and no, it isn’t your furniture!)
  • Gorgeous Alternative Fireplace warming options!  (real facts, not alternative ones!)
  • What is a fireplace balloon and why should everyone get one?
  • HEAT PUMPS? Geo-thermal heat pumps? What on earth....Hmmmm?
  • DIY–the remarkable invention of the flowerpot heater!
  • THE EGLOO, why you want one! Why I love them! EGLOO EGLOO EGLOO
  • Making totally carbon neutral soy tealight candles for fuel!
  • Meet Jack Monroe, British Budget Food Blogger, and doyenne of how to keep warm in a freezing UK apartment! Tons of DIY Tips from her and her readers on ways to amp up the cozy.
  • INSULATION. Not such a sexy topic, except, who feels amorous when they are freezing? I ask you? There is a reason more people go to tropical islands for their honeymoons then Reykjavik.
  • Really easy and odd DIY techniques I guarantee you have never thought of to insulate your windows, and your home all by yourself!


Facts about energy usage worldwide compared to US use!

Info about how much energy goest to heating and cooling our very own homes!

How to understand the cost to the planet of how you heat your your home!

Wood burning fireplaces and stoves, friend or foe???

Cool info on Bioethanol FP you, yes you can get for wherever you live, even a yurt

How much energy, heat, and money, goes right up your chimney!

The Chimney balloon, where to get one!

The Chimney balloon, how to use one!

Buying a new heater/ac/water heater? All about the geothermal heat pump!

Even St. Pats has gone green! Read about the geothermal heat pump saving NYC’s spiritual environment!

Do geothermal heat pumps cost you more moola in your electric bill?

Myths and Facts about the heat pump! All the info you need!

EGLOO! Buy it here!!![

How to make a flowerpot tea-light heater for your room!

How to make a different version of a flowerpot heater

Where to get carbon neutral candle making supplies!

Meet Jack Monroe and her list of DIY tips for staying warm—read the comments as well!

How Norway stays warm, and it isn’t only snuggling with other blondes!

DIY tips to insulate a drafty apartment!

More great info and DIY keeping warm tips and ways to insulate your home or apartment