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Oct 13, 2017

Episode 22


Disaster Preparations for the



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 What’s this one all about?

     Worried about a flood, a fire, an earthquake, a tornado or any other climate crisis related disaster coming to a neighborhood near you? Join me as I make quick work of getting ready for come what may! (Ok, maybe not THAT quick when you actually have to spend an afternoon doing it...but come on, just taking one measely afternoon to prepare yourself so you don't have to panic in an emergency situation is pretty quick!) Here in one handy dandy place is everything you need to read, print out, and squirrel away to protect yourself and your family in case of disaster.

     I have tried to be as comprehensive in my amassing of info as I can be. I have tried to make this as easy a process for you to do as possible. If you can, take a look at all these links..make a few decisions. Put together some kits on your own, and buy a few add-ons. Be prepared. Don't kid yourself, the way things are going, you will be glad you listened to my eternal nagging.


  • Fema must-have’s and suggested add-ons for your emergency go bag.
  • My Personal add-ons—what I think I will need, and suggest you might consider including. And hey…what the hell will you do with all the poop your family will undoubtedly be generating during a crisis!
  • The Red Cross, not just a place to give and get blood anymore!
  • Solar ovens, Solar back-up generators
  • Life Straws!
  • What is non-perishable food and why do I want some?
  • Book Report–A New Segment! This month its all about Jayber Crow and Wendell Berry
  • New Product Report–“Who Gives A Crap” NO not about the new product..the new product IS Who Gives A Crap Bamboo Eco Toilet Paper!!! Hear all about it!

Links mentioned on the show!

Guys, please, please, please, click on some of these links!

Info Sites for Emergency Prep:


     *  Emergency Bivvy


Word to the wise. You can order all sorts of freeze dried food supplies from places as diverse as REI, COSTCO and/or Walmart. You can also download lists of what you need, and go to the supermarket.


*The Tesla FABULOUS power wall. If you are really flush and/or really need to rely on back up power

  • Portable Solar rechargable Power Packs GoalZero

*READ UP BEFORE YOU COMMIT AND BUY! Off Grid Solar System in a Box





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